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Remarks by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the occasion of the 53rd commemoration of the Assassination of the founding President of Frelimo, Dr Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane

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Programme Director,
President of the Republic of Mozambique, His Excellency Filipe Nyusi,
Honourable Ministers,
Members of the Mondlane Family,
Your Excellencies, Ambassadors and High Commissioners,
Senior Government Officials, 
Comrades and Friends, 
I extend warm and special greetings to the Mondlane family as we honour your son and father. 
Let me express my heartfelt gratitude to President Nyusi on behalf of the people and government of South Africa for inviting us to be part of this commemoration. 
Such occasions help us to preserve the collective memory of our shared past and reaffirm our commitment to a common future.
Dr Eduardo Mondlane was a giant of the Mozambican liberation struggle, a revolutionary Pan-Africanist and an unquestionable internationalist who paid the ultimate price for the freedom of his people. 
Dr Mondlane stood for human dignity, equality, freedom and social justice. 
He fiercely fought against the racial inequality and oppression upon which colonialism was founded. 
We therefore have a revolutionary duty, in his honour, to continue the fight against racial discrimination, oppression and inequality wherever they occur and whatever form they take.  
A revered scholar and academic, Dr Mondlane chose the difficult path of a revolutionary, to fight for national liberation, justice, equality and the restoration of the dignity of the oppressed. 
Dr Mondlane deeply loved humanity and perhaps understood better than most what Che Guevara meant when he said that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. 
As a leader, he was able to unite the broadest sections of the oppressed masses behind a common vision.
It was the vision of a Mozambique that would be free from the shackles of colonialism and imperialism and in which all would be equal regardless of race and ethnic identity. 
Because of who he was and what he represented, his tragic death sharpened the resolve of all those who were in the liberation struggle to free the Continent from colonialism and all its unjust laws. 
The unity of the people of Mozambique against colonialism was best expressed in the unity of FRELIMO and became the basis for the defeat of the colonisers. 
President Mondlane believed in the importance of a conscious and empowered citizenry. 
He understood that the education of young people is one of the most important instruments that any nation has to liberate itself from suffering and want. 
We must continue to educate our youth and provide them with opportunities not only to fight poverty and unemployment, but also to become conscious, active and responsible citizens.
South Africa and Mozambique share a special relationship, which was forged over decades of our protracted struggle against colonialism and apartheid. 
Our relationship is a reflection of the personal sacrifices made by the people of Mozambique in their support for South African freedom fighters. 
The people of Mozambique understood that without the liberation of South Africa there could never be freedom in Southern Africa. 
South Africa will always be grateful for this profound gesture from the people of Mozambique, who risked life and limb for the freedom of their neighbours.
The history of our liberation struggle binds us together. 
The solidarity and comradeship between our liberation movements continues to inspire us to work harder for our people in pursuit of our shared vision for the SADC region and the African continent. 
Dr Mondlane’s lifelong commitment to the emancipation of the people of Africa should inspire us as we continue to seek justice and freedom for those who are still oppressed and colonised.
We must draw inspiration from the life of Dr Mondlane to confront the challenges of underdevelopment, lack of diversity in our economies, slow industrialisation, widespread poverty, youth unemployment, insecurity, climate change and the current COVID-19 pandemic. 
We must continue strengthening our economic relations by enhancing cooperation among our people and increasing trade and investment between our countries. 
We must strengthen our partnership to pursue our common objectives, which are the promotion peace and security, sustainable economic development as well as regional and continental integration. 
We must intensify our efforts to silence the guns on our continent, because there can be no economic development or social progress where there is conflict. 
I am pleased that I will have the opportunity to visit the SADC Mission in Mozambique to commend their efforts towards the restoration of peace and stability in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.
Mr President, let me once again thank you for inviting me to the commemoration of this African giant in the struggle against colonialism and imperialism.
Let his deeds continue to encourage and inspire us as we work to build a better future for the people of this continent.
Long Live the undying spirit of President Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane. 
Hita hlula Mozambique, Hita hlula! 
I thank you.